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Close Thesaurus. Other entries for this word. Related words. Synonyms and related words. No one will nominate me for a chef award, but none of us went hungry, which is what matters! I had book club, and Mr.

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FG took care of dinner with the girls. I think they got Chick-Fil-A, if my memory serves me properly. We had tacos at a gathering where all I had to bring was a watermelon. Which makes me feel a bit like a slacker!

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We had breakfast for dinner: sausage, Orange Julius , and buttermilk waffles. I was going to make strawberry syrup too, but my motivation ran low. FG and I were both not home at dinnertime and the girls ate pigs in a blanket plus some fruit. They are on a very happy pigs-in-a-blanket tear lately, which is fine with me. Lisey and I were supposed to go take a hot air balloon ride, so my alarm was set super early. Which meant that grilled cheese sandwiches and canned soup are what we had for dinner, along with some melon. Although hopefully I will feel much less tired at dinnertime tonight, since my alarm was not set for am.

This week has been an off week for me. I have had my third bout of conjunctivitis and cold number four since the beginning of July. It has been pure survival mode. Still focused on using up stuff in the freezers since I was getting a portion of a cow this week.. Never done this and had no idea how much it would be so I thought it would be most frugal and wise to freezer eat! Sunday- we went out for husbands birthday- not the best meals so bummer..

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Monday- used a 3lb flat of ground beef from the freezer to make a massive meatloaf. Baked the rest of a bag of potatoes and frozen peas for supper.. Tuesday- husband made a quick pan of fried potatoes, diced breakfast sausage patties and backyard eggs. We and the boys ate that quickly before we went to watch the girl play volleyball.

She had a Subway delivery afterschool before she had to jump on the bus! Wednesday- found a bag of cooked ground beef so I made a pan of taco meat! Added seasoned black beans and a pot of rice.. Thursday- Everyone ate leftover of choice before they went to work or to the volleyball game…. Friday- I just pulled 2 packages of burger patties out from our meat portion and will grill those tonight.. NO idea on sides yet! Oh, no! Eye problems make life feel just impossible. Definitely not good for ambitious cooking. Saturday: A skillet meal of leftover chicken and pork taco meat mixed with leftover rice and grated cheese.

Plus cucumber. Sunday: Bunless hamburgers, pasta with leftover pizza sauce, tomato and cucumber salad with mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms, peaches and cream. Tuesday: Two beef chuck roasts. Not even browned, just cooked in tomato juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

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And garlic bread, baked sweet potato, and roasted green beans and tomatoes. Wednesday: First day of work, so I went with something asy: leftover chuck roast, chunked up and fried in tallow with lots of garlic. Plus rice and cucumbers. Thursday: I actually managed to roast some of the ten pounds of green chilies my dad brought me, so I made ground beef taco meat with the green chilies. And there were more cucumbers. Forever and ever or at least until the killing frost.

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Things in our house are odd these days, as we have my brother and sister in law living with us for a while as they save up for a new home. That means 5 adults and a toddler for dinner every night! But it also means a sister in law who cooks and does dishes every other night. They seem to be the only ones who deliver to our rural zip code. Sunday: grilled salmon and peanut rice Monday: chicken tacos Tuesday: sweet and sour stir fry Wednesday: mushroom pasta and kale Caesar salad Thursday: pretzel dogs and roasted asparagus Friday: Pulled pork and slaw is the plan!

I know exactly how that is! If you have young kids and home and the other adult is gone, it feels pointless to put much effort into cooking.

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Heck, Sonia and Zoe are teenagers and they were pretty overjoyed about eating pigs in a blanket. With two adults one can do after-school pick-up or take a kid to an evening lesson while the other cooks. Eating out 2x in one week is a lot for us…. We are under budget so far for September and I have a reasonable meal plan for the rest of the month, so we should only need to restock vegetables and milk hopefully.

We went camping over the weekend and ended up picking up some groceries I forgot hot dogs and buns for example. Monday: Made a new recipe from a Rachel Ray cookbook… Ricotta pasta with sausage and a side of peas and peach bread for dessert. Everyone enjoyed it! And it traveled well for those who ate it in the van on the way to or from the airport. Wednesday: Cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, green beans Thursday: Tacos and applesauce. My MIL and I canned 28 quarts of applesauce yesterday!!!

I could never have gotten that done in one day on my own with 3 little kids. I love that life interferes with your dinner and you are able to roll with it! I think as your kids are getting older, you can be more flexible and let them eat pigs-in-a-blanket or whatever they can fix at the last minute. Pigs-in-a-blanket was a weekly staple at my house while my son was still at home.