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In , a Hunger Games theme park opened in Dubai, with attractions including a Capitol bullet train rollercoaster, the hall of heroes, and the Panem aerial tour multimedia experience. This summer, a Lionsgate theme park is set to open in China that will feature a 3D motion simulator attraction pegged to the final film. The original books were all New York Times bestsellers upon release, selling more than 65m copies in the US alone and translated into 51 languages for 56 territories.

The Hunger Games

Since then, Collins has released an autobiographical picture book called Year of the Jungle. Topics Hunger Games. The plot, which falls apart later, begins well. Miriam Deneuve is a vampire promising humans eternal life as her lover. Her current husband of years is John Bowie , a cellist. We see them feeding on and killing the young and beautiful of New York.

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Yet then John starts to age, at a rapid pace. Miriam shoves him in a coffin to moan and decline forever. The doctor comes searching, only to cop off with Miriam and become infected.

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And it opens with an electrifying scene, as Deneuve and Bowie lure unsuspecting Goth night-clubbers shot in Heaven in Charing Cross to an evening of fancy sex and gory bloodshed. It was funny…but we were a bit miffed.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

Tony Scott, younger brother of Sir Ridley, died in The muddled ending was insisted on by the studio, in theory to leave open the possibility of a sequel or franchise. We ended up in Brooklyn doing pick-up shots.

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And in true New York fashion, Catherine and I were on the floor of this gas garage kissing when the guy decided he wanted more money for the rental of the garage and ran onto the set - with a gun.