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The easy cameraderie of Miss Blossom, coupled with the idea that Monty was the only person who could send the errant Ambrose back to her welcoming arms, was causing Mr. Bodkin moments of acute distress. But Lotus and Monty were not the only ones to wear the furrowed brow.

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Reggie Tennyson was another, and so was Ikey Llewellyn. Reggie's trouble was pecuniary; but Ikey's was more serious, for he had something on his mind—a dangerous condition for one of his mental capacity.

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For its US magazine appearance, in the Red Book , between August and January , Wodehouse re-wrote the story, reducing its length, and this became the US book edition. The story concerns the complicated love life of amiable young Drone Monty Bodkin , the nephew of Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe , who had previously appeared in Heavy Weather , when he was employed as the latest in the long line of Lord Emsworth 's secretaries.

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