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What struck me while reading Mathematical Modeling and Applied Calculus is that calculus particularly via its relation to mathematical modeling has a lot to do with data, perhaps just as much as statistics and programming do.

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Furthermore, using R or some similar computing environment as is done in Mathematical Modeling and Applied Calculus for the purpose of mathematical modeling adds additional benefit. Jason M. Graham is an assistant professor in the department of mathematics at the University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania. His current professional interests are in teaching applied mathematics and mathematical biology, and collaborating with biologists specializing in the collective behavior of groups of organisms.

Functions for Modeling Data 1.

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Functions 1. Multivariable Functions 1. Linear Functions 1.

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Exponential Functions 1. Inverse Functions 1. Logarithmic Functions 1. Trigonometric Functions 2. Mathematical Modeling 2. Modeling with Linear Functions 2. Modeling with Exponential Functions 2. Modeling with Power Functions 2. Modeling with Sine Functions 2. Modeling with Sigmoidal Functions 2. Single Variable Modeling 2. Dimensional Analysis 3. The Method of Least Squares 3.

Vectors and Vector Operations 3. Linear Combinations of Vectors 3. Existence of Linear Combinations 3. Vector Projection 3. The Method of Least Squares 4. Derivatives 4. Rates of Change 4.

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The Derivative as a Function 4. Derivatives of Modeling Functions 4. Product and Quotient Rules 4. The Chain Rule 4. Partial Derivatives 4. Limits and the Derivative 5. Optimization 5.

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