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Overview of Programming Models Used 1. When to Use Which Model? Organization of this Book 1. Summary ch. Vocabulary and Notation 2. Strategies 2. Mechanisms 2. Machine Models 2. Machine Model 2. Key Features for Performance 2. Flynn's Characterization 2. Evolution 2. Performance Theory 2. Latency and Throughput 2.

Speedup, Efficiency, and Scalability 2. Power 2. Amdahl's Law 2. Gustafson-Barsis' Law 2. Work-Span Model 2. Asymptotic Complexity 2. Asymptotic Speedup and Efficiency 2. Little's Formula 2. Pitfalls 2. Race Conditions 2. Mutual Exclusion and Locks 2. Deadlock 2. Strangled Scaling 2. Lack of Locality 2. Load Imbalance 2. Overhead 2. Summary pt. Nesting Pattern 3. Structured Serial Control Flow Patterns 3. Sequence 3. Selection 3. Iteration 3. Recursion 3.

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Parallel Control Patterns 3. Fork-Join 3. Map 3. Stencil 3. Reduction 3. Scan 3. Recurrence 3. Serial Data Management Patterns 3. Random Read and Write 3. Stack Allocation 3. Heap Allocation 3. Closures 3. Objects 3.

Structured Parallel Programming: Patterns for Efficient Computation

Parallel Data Management Patterns 3. Pack 3. Pipeline 3. Geometric Decomposition 3. Gather 3. Scatter 3. Other Parallel Patterns 3. Superscalar Sequences 3. Futures 3. Speculative Selection 3.

Structured Parallel Programming | Structured Parallel Programming

Workpile 3. Search 3. Segmentation 3. Expand 3. Category Reduction 3. Term Graph Rewriting 3. Non-Deterministic Patterns 3. Branch and Bound 3.

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